Parents & Children

Online Games and Apps are a fun way for kids of all ages to learn and be entertained. It is what lies in plain sight that isn’t seen or realized by the end user that creates greater risks in your life.  Risks like predators and stalkers, or scammers seeking personal information for their financial gain.


Small Business

Small Business Cyber Threats

In 2014, the U.S. Small Business Administration had record of nearly 28 million small businesses, making-up 99.7% of all U.S. Employers. These businesses typically do not have the technology professionals on staff to manage the daily attacks that happen on their website and personal network.


Elderly Online

Senior Online Safety - Cyber Security Awareness Project

According to the research from Pew Research Center, only 14% of older adults used the internet in 2000, while 58% do so today. Senior citizens are more likely become the victim of cyber-crimes, because they are new to the internet and not aware of all the different ways criminals seek them out.


Teens & Young Adults

Teens and Students Cyber Security Awareness

College Students and College Campus’ are vulnerable targets for cyber criminals seeking to leverage personal information for their financial gain. From information shared with schools and lending sources to fake offers and social media hacks, the attacks are real and a daily threat.


Become Part Of The Solution

The threat of cyber crimes are very real and something that our law enforcement officials and top security experts are doing their best to defend us from on a daily basis, but that’s not enough.  They can’t do it alone.  The Cyber Security Community Awareness Project was created with the end-users in mind.  We hope it becomes a hub of valuable resources to become a more aware, and safe for everyone to enjoy the internet.

As technology professionals who contributed to this project, we see first-hand how intimidating technology can be at first, but with a little effort, the opportunities are endless.  A big challenge we face is adapting to an ever-changing landscape of equipment, software and the skills needed to manage them. That’s where the idea of this website was born.  We saw it as an ongoing resource for our community, focusing on providing a central hub of practical resources and information to help you stay aware of the risks and threats in the cyber world and learn practical methods to protect yourself and others.

Our hope with this project is that if you find something beneficial within this website, you share it with your friends and family.  Together, we can build a safer cyber community, one-user-at-a-time.

Attention Small Business Owners

The following video provides examples of a Phishing Scam that is currently targeting small business professionals from a social networking company called EMPOWR.  The premise of this scam is to trick you into providing your financial information to validate your account in order to ‘cash out’ on the funds in your account earned from your participation in online networking activity.

Tips to Consider:

  • Please be alert of all emails in your inbox and do not click directly on the links. (Especially if you do not already do business with them.)
  • It’s safest to go directly to the website of the provider identified in an email (if you legitimately do business with that company) and use a secure (https://www..) connection to enter your personal information.  They will likely have any special offers or urgent updates located directly on their home page for consumers to easily see.
  • If you suspect you received an email containing a fake offer, please notify that company for them to alert other customers and to track the source of their brand theft.

If you discover you, or your employees, were tricked in any way risking you personally or your customer’s information; please gather all information to report to authorities and refer to the information shared on our Business page regarding How To Report a Crime and become part of the Cyber Crime Solution.