How Secure Are Mobile Phones?

I was recently at an event where a group of technical people each carried two phones where I overheard a college student working the event ask them, "Why are each of you carrying two phones?"  One of the gentlemen replied, "one is specifically for work and the other specifically for personal use."  Interested, he [...]


How to Secure Your Home Network

Securing Your Home Network Almost every home nowadays has their own network setup through a router of some sort. This allows many devices to be connected to wifi at home all at the same time. These devices usually include computers or laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, and smart phones. However, having your own home network also [...]


Firewalls: The Ultimate Crime Fighter

What is a Firewall? A firewall is a network security system designed to prevent unauthorized and potentially dangerous access to you network. Basically, firewalls keep the bad guys off your computer. Firewalls come in two forms, hardware and software. Hardware is something that you can actually touch such as a router or drive of [...]

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