With the rapid development of the internet, variety of the cyber crimes are increasing.  However, most people haven’t realized the significance of cyber security. Understanding cyber crimes terms can prevent you from the financial loss and privacy disclosure. Have you ever wondered how your credit card got stolen? Do you know how your private information was leaked? I will talk about two common cyber crimes you may have experienced, both the result of Email Phishing.

Email phishing and browser scams pic

What is the Email Phishing?

Email Phishing is a popular cyber-crime. Criminals put malicious links in a legitimate email. After you click the links, you are taken to a malicious website where you are tricked to give them personal information allowing them access to phone or your computer. Once they gain the access, they can look through your records and steal your personal information, such as the bank accounts and your address.

How to identify Email Phishing?

It can be tough to identify an email phishing because the emails used and fake websites where they can take you to complete their scams are made to look just like the company they are pretending to be.  There are two particular tips you could pay attention to that might give you a heads-up that something may be wrong. First, if an email asks you to provide your confidential information, be warned!  Second, if the email asks you to click a link. Be alert! Both of these are warnings that you received a phishing email. Other ways to identify and avoid an email phishing:

1.      Don’t trust the name; it will have the official website name. When you click the link, it will redirect you to other link.

2.      Look for the email spells and grammars; Phishing emails usually have poor grammar, and the names similar to the official company name.

3.      Don’t click anything;

4.      Don’t panic about the threaten letter and languages;

5.      Don’t ever give your personal information through the email;

Here is the example picture about phishing email:

Credits: Ophtek Website

How to report an Email Phishing?

When you receive a phishing email, don’t just delete. You can report those emails and help the authorities track down the cyber criminals.  Some ways to act upon phishing emails include:

1.      Forward the phishing email you receive to spam@ucs.gov, and…

2.      Forward the phishing email to the company or the organization that they pretend to be, allowing them to take necessary steps to alert their customers and protect their reputation.

For more information about phishing emails, visit  https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0003-phishing.

I hope this article can give some insight about cyber-crimes, but to learn more, you can visit www.StaySafeOnline.org. Stay alert and be careful when hanging out in the internet era.

Dan Zhu

Student of Saint Charles Community College. My major is  Multimedia of Web Design. I love Web Design, and I want to become a front end developer.