Older Americans Are Often Targeted For Computer Crimes

elderly people concern online crimeComputer crimes (Cyber Crimes) can easily occur while you are using the internet. With more aging adults using the internet to connect with families and access online shopping, they become easy targets of computer crimes. Being alert is really important.  Just one simple click can activate a virus or ransomeware that will render your computer inoperable. So, it is important for old people to be aware of the cyber crimes. Otherwise, you will lose your money and identify information. Cyber criminals will use your information to open a credit card, and spend money under your name.

Why are aging adults often targeted?

There are four reasons:

  1. Seniors typically have financial savings set aside for retirement;
  2. They typically have good credit;
  3. They often isolated and alone;
  4. Poor knowledge about Internet.

That said, don’t be scared about using the internet.  The internet can bring many conveniences to your life like online shopping, news and connectivity with friends and family. Instead, get to know the internet using the safe browsing and computer safety tips shared on this site to implement strategies to protect your personal information.

Some quick tips to consider include:

  1. Don’t click unknown links; it may be links that take you to fake websites seeking to collect your personal information.
  2. Don’t download any free software or prompted by a website.
  3. Be cautious filling out any forms giving out confidential information.
  4. Be sure your computer has Anti-Malware, Virus Protection software installed to keep your computer protected.

The tips above just some examples that I can show how easy to avoid cyber crimes. You can find out more here


Here are some terms can help you understand the cyber crimes.

  • Malware/ Malicious software: This is a software will steal your protected or confidential information from your computer.
  • Anti-Malware: It is a software that can detect the malware and protect your computer information and system.
  • Phishing: Someone send email or link pretend to be legitimate company to get your user name, password, and other personal information.
  • Identify Theft: Cyber criminals steal your personal confidential information, and use it to gain money.
  • Vacation Prize: You are being award to a “free” vacation, but when you arrived the destination, you will find out the hotel is awful. You have pay a upgrade fee for a better living conditioner.

If you want to find more about cyber crime terms, you can visit here.


Report A Threat

Here are some links that you can report a cyber crimes.