Security Comes First!

A popular belief is that smartphones are one hundred percent secure. This is one hundred percent false! Any owner of a smartphone must be aware of Smartphone Security. Many smartphones are just as susceptible to hacks, and viruses, just like a normal computer. The only difference is that a smartphone virus is a much bigger headache to deal with compared to that of a regular computer virus. Many phone viruses will attack everything in the phone, digging their way into all of the personal information on the phone. Phone viruses can also lead to the phone completely being shut off and unable to be turned back on.

The only phones that are secure from viruses is the iPhone. They can not have a virus downloaded onto them. This does not make the iPhone secure. iPhone’s can still be hacked through the Apple ID. Androids are able to get many different kinds of viruses, and are able to be hacked.

Best ways to protect yourself from getting a virus on a smartphone are, manage your web browsing. Accessing dangerous web pages can lead to accidentally downloading a virus on the phone. Downloading any unknown .pdf document can also cause a virus to be downloaded on the phone. On the google play store for android phones, there are many apps that are unregulated, these apps could be laced with malicious software. One must be careful when downloading apps from the google play store.

Smartphones are Great!

Smartphones are great in the modern world! Although these small devices can contain a lot of our personal information, and every owner needs to be aware of the risks that can come with owning a smart phone. We should not look be afraid of smartphones, as they do help us with our day to day lives. Although we should always tread carefully when using a smartphone.